Starting a new chapter of life can be both exciting and scary. The unpredictability of what the future may hold brings with it a new kind of energy for exploration and a sense of vulnerability. Hence, everyone steps into this new chapter of their life with something they connect to. It can be memories, objects, flavors, melodies, and much more. These things connect us back to where we came from, and we hold onto them in our new life to keep us connected to home and to make new connections. Heritage Backpack is where the CEU Community shares these things with each other, and we would like YOU to add your contribution to this Backpack.

Share with us your personal heritage that you have held onto while starting this new chapter of your life at CEU. Tell us the story of how you inherited your grandmother's jewelry, or tell us how you got your dad’s watch and have kept it for years. Do you have any tasty recipes, any catchy folk songs?

The CEU community would like to know all about it, and welcome you by sharing their heritage items with you. This September, learn all about Heritage Backpack by participating in HeritageMe Quiz and Discussion and get insights about the personal heritage of your fellow CEU community members.

History of Heritage Backpack at CEU: Started as a term project by the Cultural Heritage Studies students in March 2021, Heritage Backpack is now an online platform that collected dozens of heritage items by CEU community members, including faculty, students, alumni, and staff. Heritage Backpack also became a part of CEU Alumni Reunion later the same year. Take a look at these items here and share your item here. 

Now, eager for more heritage stories, we’ve opened it up to the new members of the CEU community as part of this year’s Welcome Week. So start sharing!

Recently Added Items

Heritage Backpack at a glance

Heritage Backpack 2.mp4

A compilation of all Heritage Backpack items shared in the first HeritageMe Quiz and Discussion.

Novruz xonca


My family is from Azerbaijan, one of the countries that celebrates Novruz (sometimes also known as Iranian New Year) on March 21, the spring equinox.…

Intercultural Festival 2019

Intercultural Festival.jpg

Some of my fondest memories of CEU are from the two intercultural festivals I attended. The food, the costumes, the music everything was a beautiful…